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Created by Cystic Fibrosis Trust on 12/07/2016
Stephen KINGHAM dob 28.05.16

I can only describe Stephen by quoting the words his best friend said in his eulogy - "I believe you can judge a person by how many friends they have. Well, as I look around and see you all here today, it's not the amount of friends I see, but the amount of 'best' friends. If popularity was wealth, then Steve was by far the wealthiest man I knew" . Another friend said recently that everybody who knew him, loved him.

Until being diagnosed with CF when he was 30, he led an active life, enjoyed playing football and golf, was a keen Chelsea supporter, and proud husband and father of twins, Ashleigh and Daniel. He enjoyed his holidays, particularly to Crete where he felt at home. In fact his ashes were scattered there last year with about 20 of his friends attending. He was a licensed London taxi driver and continued working for as long as he could.

When accepted onto the transplant list he was nervous but resolved to go ahead and was planning on how he would live his life after, sadly this wasn't to be. We are doing our best on his behalf. Part of his plan was to enter some kind of event to raise money for the CF Trust. So in 2015 we held the first charity football match followed by a barbecue in our local pub garden. This was such a success that the 2016 event attracted even more players and friends/family to the barbecue. It is now an annual event called 'Remembering Steve' and we are making plans for next year.

He is much missed by all his family and friends but we are privileged to have him in our lives.